Monroe, the manufacturers of Monroe and Rancho shock absorbers in South Africa, has introduced a new concept in accrediting fitment centres. Fitment centres can apply to become an authorised Safety Centre or Monroe Expert. According to Philip Lutz, Marketing Manager for Southern Africa, “this will bring together experienced fitment centres which have professional and well-trained staff, with the correct tooling.”

Lutz says the benefits to the fitment centre will be that the staff will be given the suspension expertise through annual training by Monroe, and advised on the correct tooling and suspension testers so that they offer their customers professional service and also can reduce their come-backs and claims.

Lutz says, “Of course there will be certain requirements fitment centres must fulfil before becoming a Monroe Expert Centre. These include: At least one counter sales and one suspension fitment staff attending training courses and passing exams. They will also be required to attend practical ‘on the job’ shock fitment evaluation including using the correct tools such as spring compressors, torque wrenches and replacing other worn suspension components such as mountings, protection kits, springs and suspension components. The centre will also be required to have a functional suspension tester and of course sell Monroe/Rancho shock absorbers.

It is the motto of BestDrive Stellenbosch to give our clients the best quality service ever! We are proud to announce that we have been given the Monroe Expert Accreditation. This means that our fitment staff have attended, and passed, the suspension expertise training course and are well equipped and have full knowledge of the product range and fitment of Monroe Suspensions.

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