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10 golden rules to staying on-track when you go off-road.

10 golden rules to staying on-track when you go off-road

(Article courtesy Not all gravel roads are created equal, but they all do present shared challenges you’re unlikely to face on the good old (and we say this with the appropriate amount of sarcasm), highway. So take note to make the most of your trip. Go slooooow. And keep your speed constant. It’s easier…

Sycor Quality Automotive Accessories


  SYCOR is the home of Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel automotive accessories. Founded by owners with over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of these accessories, we pride ourselves as the leaders in this industry- locally manufactured in Durban, South Africa. SYCOR Auto Accessories is founded on the belief of providing key distributors,…

The Grabber AT3 – Your access to any adventure

Grabber AT3

The all-terrain tyre developed to meet the needs of SUV, pick-up truck and off-road vehicle drivers who want a combination of exceptional off-road capabilities and confident on-road manners. 50:50 on/off   Experience exceptional grip Innovative pattern design achieves exceptional off-road grip through gripping edges that interlock with loose surfaces. The open tread shoulder ensures efficient…

Rancho Suspension & Shocks

Rancho Suspension & Shocks

Rancho® – a popular brand, worldwide, of suspension, shocks and more – was born in the 1950s in Long Beach, Calif., as Rancho Jeep Supply, and quickly grew into a thriving off-road and performance suspension components manufacturer. In 1985, Rancho launched what would later become its best-selling shock absorber: the RS5000™. In 1990, Rancho was…

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